1.1. The World Fitness Federation (WFF-International) is a Social Non Profit Seeking International Sport Organization based on the International Law, the IOC rules, the Constitution and Law of the Country of Registration of WFF-International, and this Constitution
1.2. WFF-International is a Juridical Subject; WFF has it’s property, stamp with it’s name, bank accounts in a sole bank of the country of registration, it’s Flag and Logo
1.3. WFF-International Headquarter’s Address: Liepu Str. 20-27, LT – 91003 Klaipeda, Republic Lithuania
1.4. WFF-International Post Address: P.O.B. 98, LT – 91003 Klaipeda , Republic Lithuania
1.5. WFF-International activities are based on the IOC rules. WFF seeks the recognition of IOC
1.6. WFF-International recognizes and follows IOC anti-doping rules and documents; WFF recongizes the WADA Anti – Doping Code and European Anti – Doping Convention
1.7. WFF is composed of National Fitness and Bodybuilding Associations and Federations governing sport of fitness in their countries as well as of other Regional Fitness Organizations. Only one National Member can represent a country in WFF-International.

The objects of WFF-International are as follows:
2.1. To promote, control and develop sport of fitness on an international scale.
2.2. To promote an interest in and a dedication to a better health and fitness through physical culture, proper nutrition and physical training
2.3. To develop and intensify friendship and co-operation among the WFF national members, among fitness sport organizations from all countries
2.4. To honor exceptional officials with special plagues, medals or certificates
2.5. To co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the national fitness associations and federations. WFF-International decision is final in regard to any dispute that may arise between affiliated members.
2.6. To set up the rules for the fitness contests
2.7. To organize international judges seminars and to appoint qualified judges
2.8. To regulate and control official international fitness championships

3.1. WFF-International forbids all racial, political or religious discussions or demonstrations
3.2. No distinction can be made between countries or individuals for reasons of race, color, religion or politics
3.3. WFF-International duration is unlimited
3.4. WFF-International acts World Wide Internationally

The official language of WFF-International is English and Russian. All publications and official correspondence shall be conducted in English or Russian; the proceedings at the International Congress, meetings of the Executive Council and various Committees shall be held in English or Russian. The International Congress may decide to use one more additional language for the same purposes.

The structure of WFF-International:
– Congress
– Executive Council ( EC )
– President
– Vice Presidents
– General Secretary
– Director Pro Division
– Judges Chairman
– Treasurer
– Committees
5.1. Congress
5.1.1. The International Congress will take place every five years on the occasion of WFF-International official championships
5.1.2. The International Congress is valid when at least ½ of the WFF-International members ( National Associations and Federations ) are present
5.1.3. The following matters must be on the agenda:
– The affiliation of new members
– The examination and approval of the report of the President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Director Pro Division, EC and Committees, the Treasurer and the Finance Control Committee
– The filling in the vacancies in the EC and Committees
– The attribution of the Continental Championships, World Championships, Pro World and Continental Championships
– Modifications of the WFF-International articles and rules
– Propositions of the affiliated countries
5.1.4. The Congress is composed of the appointed delegates of WFF-International. One delegate who is entitled to only one vote may represent each country. Every member of EC is entitled to one vote as well.
5.1.5. An official, who must have the proof of WFF-International membership, shall represent National Association or Federation at the International Congress
5.1.6. Propositions for the Congress must reach the General Secretary three months before the International Congress. The agenda must reach the WFF-International members one month before the International Congress
5.1.7. The International Congress decisions are valid when at least ½ of votes of the members present at the International Congress are obtained
5.1.8. The Sessions of the International Congress are private
5.1.9. The International President will decide on the number of speeches allowed to a delegate and on their duration to avoid unnecessary prolongations of the International Congress
5.1.10. The country organizing the International Congress will undertake the expenses of accommodation and breakfast EC members and of the internationally appointed delegates from each country for at least two days if the Official Championships are held for two days. In case the Official Championships are held longer the organizers will pay them for three days.
5.1.11. Extraordinary Congress. If requested by at least ½ of the WFF-International members or at least ½ members of EC, the International President must convene an Extraordinary Congress within 2 months of the time request being received. The expenses of the travel, breakfast, accommodations will be undertaken by those WFF-International members or members of the EC who requested it.
5.2. Executive Council
During the period between International Congresses, the WFF-International is administrated by the Executive Council (EC). EC consists of the International President, Vice Presidents, Director Pro Division, Judges Chairman, the General Secretary and the Treasurer.
5.2.1. Any member of WFF-International is eligible for the election
5.2.2. The EC members are elected at the International Congress for the period of five years
5.2.3. The EC shall meet at least once a year after agreement of all of them or after the request of at least ½ of all members of the EC. If the EC is convened at the request of at least ½ of the members of the EC, the expenses of the travel, breakfast, accommodations will be undertaken by those WFF-International members or members of the EC who requested it. The decisions of the meeting are final.
5.2.4. Minutes of the meeting shall be kept by the General Secretary. The sittings of the EC are private
5.3. Committees
5.3.1. Committees are appointed by the International Congress or EC.
5.3.2. Judges Committee. Judges Committee is composed of Judges Chairman, Secretary and three members. Judges Committee shall:
– be representable for the appointment and promotion of judges at all International WFF Championships
– select judges for the Official International Championships from the nominations appointed by a National Association or Federation. Their selection meeting shall be private but nevertheless the members of the EC could attend it
– organize International Seminars for Judges
5.3.3. Finance Control ( Revision ) Committee. Finance Control Committee, consisting of Chairman and two other members, controls the finances of the organization, once a year makes a report to the International Congress. Members of the Committee are elected at the International Congress for the period of five years
5.3.4. The International Congress or EC can appoint the Discipline Committee to take disciplinary action against any member who is considered prejudicial to the WFF-International or who has violated the WFF-International Constitution and rules. Action may consist of warning, temporary suspension of membership or expulsion. The International Congress must approve the decision of the International Committee
5.3.5. The International Congress or EC can appoint any other Committee if needed
5.4. President
5.4.1. The International President directs the debates and keeps order at International Congress and Official Competitions and meetings of EC
5.4.2. The International President shall take the principal part in the Opening and Closing Ceremony at all WFF-International official events
5.4.3. The International President may present the medals to the Winners at the WFF-International Official Championships. He may also delegate this duty to a Vice President or selected International Officials
5.5. Vice President
Vice President:
– is assisting the International President in his activities
– is responsible for spreading the movement of fitness throughout the World and enlarging WFF-International with the new National Members
– is responsible for the activity given by the International Congress or EC
5.6. General Secretary
– attends to the correspondence with WFF National Members
– draws up the agenda of the International Congress and sends it to WFF-International members at least one month before the International Congress
– distributes to all WFF-International members a report on the International Congress
– gives information to all members of WFF-International
– attends to all documentation and in particular the publication of WFF-International Official Materials, International Congress Report, Results of WFF-International Official Championships
5.7. Treasurer
The Treasurer must receive all payments, pay all necessary expenses, keep accounts and send copies to EC. The International Congress will approve the report of the Treasurer

Any nation wishing to become a member of WFF-International must send to the General Secretary the following documents:
– a request for membership
– a copy of the Certificate of Registration of a National or Regional Association or Federation (if there is such)
– the annual subscription in USD or Euro for a National or Regional Federation, Association and an associated individual member

7.1. The amount of the WFF-International annual subscriptions is decided by the International Congress. Any country, which has not paid the subscription for a current year, cannot participate or vote in the Official WFF-International Events.
7.2. A letter of reminder shall be sent to every member who has not paid the subscription. If a reply is not received within 30 days a new appointed representative for that country shall be chosen

8.1. The organization of WFF-International Official Championships shall be undertaken by the organizing nation’s own risk
8.2. Aplications to organize WFF-International Official Championships should be sent to the WFF-International General Secretary.
8.3. National members organizing the Official WFF-International Championships must undertake the expenses of transportation from the nearest airport, accommodation and breakfast for at least seven competitors and one official of each participating country for the days of the Official International Contest. If the organizers need a day for the registration of the athletes, they must pay the same expenses for this day too.
8.4. The organizers of the WFF-International Official Championships shall undertake the accommodation and breakfast expenses for the WFF-International EC members as well
8.5. The WFF-International Logo must be prominently displayed on the stage at all WFF-International Official Championships
8.6. All television rights for the official WFF-International contests are controlled by the WFF-International EC.
8.7. Judging Rules, developed by the International Judging Committee, approved by the International Congress, are added to this Constitution

9.1. WFF-International stops it’s existence after the decision of the International Congress
9.2. The International Congress, to solve all questions concerning the end of WFF-International activities, sets up a special International Commission
9.3. The property and money of WFF-International, left after the end of WFF-International activities, when all debts are paid and credits are given back, is divided between the members of WFF-International.

This Constitution is approved at the 2003 WFF-International Congress ( Moscow, Russia , November 21, 2003), the Changes were approved at the 2007 WFF-International Congress ( Daugavpils, Latvia , January 27, 2007)

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